“One can never have too large a party.”

-Jane Austen



Regency Encounters was founded in 2014 by Edmonton author, Melanie Kerr, to bring her favourite worlds to life. In the beginning, it was all about Jane Austen, but in 2017, the passion for Harry Potter could not be contained, and the Festival of Witchcraft and Wizardry magically appeared along with Accio Butter Beer! And in 2018, born of a mutual love of historic buildings and role-play, DnD in a Castle took the world by storm. Regency Encounters runs all its events with the care and attention to detail that one expects from an ubernerd. We hope you will join us for your next immersive, fantastical adventure.

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Just like stepping into your favorite period drama, the ball is precisely what you would expect from a ball in the time of Jane Austen - an event of the most eager anticipation, and all things exquisite. And it is even more fun than your imagination could conjure. We eat, we dance, we play, and most of all we laugh and smile until our faces ache, and we never want to leave. We serve dinner, followed by dances and card games as would have been done in the early 1800s, and all in Regency dress with a heavy dose of pomp.

Where else but a historic, European castle would you want to spend four days and nights playing Dungeons and Dragons, with the top Dungeon Masters in the world? DnD in a Castle is the bucket-list nerd event of the year that lets you stay in a room in the castle, dine with the DMs, and actually have time to play.

Jump on your broomstick, or grab your flue powder and join us for a day of magic and make-believe. Express your inner witch or wizard, whatever your age, whether you dress as a specific character, sport your house colours, or just come as the muggle you can’t pretend you’re not, and see that the love of the boy who lived is not going anywhere, even twenty years on. The Festival is an open-air celebration of fanhood, with various events in and around Gazebo park in Old Strathcona.




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