Make your Own Costume

Here are some excellent resources for making a Regency costume:

Rent a Costume from Us

We have a stock of costumes of various sizes. If you are attending one of our ticketed events, you can rent a costume from us at a discounted rate, starting at $25. We can also direct you to a rental company if we do not have something just right for you.
Click on the thumbnails below to see some of the costumes we have available for rent. This is by no means a comprehensive listing, but a sampling, as our collection is constantly growing.  

Fudge Something

Order a Custom Costume

If you plan to attend more than one event in the future, we highly recommend having something made. It will be better quality than a rental or a fudged piece, and will save you money in the long term. You might be surprised at how affordable a custom gown is, or a custom military uniform, if you still, in your heart, love a redcoat. We can connect you with a costumier in your area to create the perfect, historically accurate, costume piece. Prices tend to start at around $140.

If you like the idea of having something made just for you but it seems a lot of money for something you will wear once, consider this: we will buy your costume from you! Order whatever you like. Wear it to all the events you like. Then bring it to us and recoup a good deal of the cost. Price of purchase will depend on the item, but is usually at least 50% of the cost of ordering. Email for a detailed quote!

Lend Us Your Costumes!

If you have costumes you have made yourself, or had made, and you don't need them any more, we would be happy to take them off your hands. We are always looking to expand our stock of rentals. And if you don't want to part with them for good, we can rent them out for you, on a one-time or ongoing basis, and give you 60% of the rental fee we take in. 

Our YouTube tutorials show how anyone, even the sewing-phobic, can put something together out of existing clothing items, pieces of fabric and maybe something from the thrift store.  The great thing about Regency dress is that it is relatively simple compared to other periods in English history, and it is quite easy to get a "good enough" Regency look using existing, modern clothing items.

To the right is our YouTube playlist, showing you how to achieve a Regency look very simply and inexpensively, even if you have never sewn anything before.

What is that you say? You do not already have a complete Regency wardrobe hanging in your closet?

Do not fear! We can help. Whether you have no sewing experience and no budget, or are a millionaire and experienced costumier, we have resources to help you put together a very passable, if not exquisite, Regency outfit.

What does “Regency Attire” mean?

At our events, we are very flexible in what we accept in terms of costume. You do not have to have reproduction-grade, authentic Regency clothing. An earnest attempt at an approximation of the Regency look will be joyfully accepted. Here is a little description of the elements of the Regency look.

The Regency ere spanned the period of roughly 1800 - 1820. Ladies of the Regency would wear a full-length dress with an Empire waist, puffed sleeves and a skirt that was gathered or pleated at the back. Gloves were essential, though varied in length, colour and style depending on the occasion. At a ball, only long, white gloves were worn. Other optional accessories include: a reticule, shawl / Spencer jacket / pelisse, bonnet, and parasol.  Hair would be in an updo, with face-framing curls at front.  Footwear was generally flat and similar to a ballet slipper, though early Regency shoes had small kitten heels.

Gentlemen’s Regency attire consists of a cotton frill-breast shirt, white cravat, vest (waistcoat) and tail coat (cutaway frock coat).  Long trousers can be worn, but short, fall-front breeches with white hose (socks) would be de rigeur.  Common optional accessories include:  top hat, straw hat, cane.  Footwear:  shoes (oxford or loafer-type slip-ons, or ballet slippers) or riding boots.  Historic Military ceremonial attire is always acceptable.

Get thee something to wear!